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Watching Your Home While You Are Away: How This Works

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Perhaps one of the most nerve-racking things about going on vacation is leaving your home behind. Sure, you can alert a trusted neighbor to the fact that you will be gone, or have a family member check up on the house, but that is much more complicated than needs be. Instead, install surveillance cameras that allow you to watch live video feeds of your home and alert you to problems. Here is how this works:

Cameras Outside at Every Angle

Somewhere between six and twelve cameras that can view and record from multiple angles is what you want for your home surveillance outside. Do not forget to put cameras in your garage if you have a detached garage because thieves will steal expensive yard equipment, too. All of the cameras should wirelessly feed images into a digital video recording box with a terabyte of memory to cover the length of your vacation.

Buy the System That Also Sends Information to Your Smartphone

You will need a smartphone and an internet connection of some sort, too. Follow the directions to either sync the digital recorder box to your phone, or download and open the related manufacturer's app for the surveillance system. This will allow you to see what is going on in real time around your property and call the police if you see anything suspicious, even if you are thousands of miles from home.

Also, Get the System That Alerts You to Trouble

Surveillance cameras that not only digitally record what is happening in real time but send alerts to your phone are preferential to all other systems. Sure, the system could alert you to everything from a rabbit running too close to the house to a neighbor passing by on the sidewalk, but it is worth it. In the event that something really criminal is happening to your house, you can see it happening, keep the video clip for the police, and call the police to respond to a break-in at your home.

Why Pay So Much and Go to All That Trouble

Houses that stay empty and dark for awhile automatically become target houses for thieves and intruders. Additionally, when those houses are devoid of security features, they become the first ones that criminals target. You pay more for a better surveillance system like the ones above so that you can leave your home and have peace of mind while you are away.

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