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Cell Phone Issues To Watch Out For After Your Warranty Expires

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Just because your cell phone warranty expires doesn't mean you're out of luck if something goes wrong with your device. You can still get your phone working like new in many cases with specialized repairs.

Here are a few cell phone issues that can occur long after the warranty runs out.

Screen Cracking

As your phone ages, its screen may start to crack due to everyday wear and tear. Most modern cell phone screens are made from glass, which is more prone to breaking than other materials. The chances of this happening increase if you don't use a protective cover for your phone.

If your screen cracks, you may need to install a replacement screen. This can be done at most certified cell phone repair shops. The technician will first remove the cracked screen while taking care not to disassemble any other parts accidentally.

Most screens attach to the phone with a special adhesive and require a professional touch to get it off without damaging the rest of the phone. Attaching the replacement screen is also quite tedious, as the technician needs to re-seat the frame and connectors properly while ensuring that they are securely in place.

Water Damage

If your phone is exposed to water or liquid, it can cause irreparable damage and render your device useless. Water damage can occur due to accidental spills, dropping your phone in a puddle, or even if it gets exposed to high humidity. And while some phones are designed to be water-repellent and waterproof, they too can suffer water damage if they are exposed to a liquid for too long.

If your phone gets exposed to a liquid, you should immediately turn it off and take it to a certified cell phone repair shop for assessment. Water can create short circuits inside the device and cause other problems if the phone stays on.

The technician may be able to open up the phone and clean its components to get it working again. Depending on the extent of the damage, though, you may need to replace some parts to get your phone working again.

These are some of the cell phone issues you may encounter after your warranty expires. Fortunately, most can be easily fixed with a visit to a reliable repair shop. Just remember to always consult with an experienced technician before attempting any repairs yourself. They can help you understand what risks or damages you might incur by attempting the repair on your own.

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